In Western cuisine, nutmeg and mace are more popular for cakes, crackers

Nutmeg many isolated. Sectional view of ripe colorful red nutmeg fruit, seeds Kerala India. spices known as pala in Indonesia and red mace from tree Myristica Banda Islands Moluccas Spice Islands

The tropical evergreen tree Nutmeg is native to Molucca Islands of Indonesia. Now it is widely cultivated in the West Indies, South Africa, India and other tropical areas. Nutmeg and mace are different parts of the same fruit of the nutmeg tree. Both spices are strongly aromatic, resinous and warm in taste.

This aromatic tree grows to about 70 feet with numerous branches, has pointed dark green 5″ long leaves that are arranged alternately and are borne on leaf stems about 1 cm long. The bark contains watery pink or red sap. Pale yellow, waxy, fleshy and bell-shaped flowers are usually single sexed; occasionally male and female flowers are found on the same tree. The reddish-yellow oval shaped fleshy fruit, when ripe splits into 2 valves revealing a purplish-brown, shiny seed (nutmeg) covered by a bright red aril (mace).

Nutmeg is commonly used for seasoning foods. It is used mainly in sweets and mace in spicy dishes. This culinary spice is also used in perfumes and as a medicinal plant. It helps prevent gas and fermentation and is good for nausea and vomiting. Fresh fruit is used locally for preserves and pickles.  Nutmeg is available both whole and ground

Nutmeg is used throughout India , for its warm and pleasing flavour. It is used to flavour curries as well as deserts, and is sold whole or ground. The aril, from the fruit of nutmeg is collected, dried and sold as mace. Nutmeg carries a sweet and nutty aroma.

Aroma and flavour

Mace is used to flavour milk-based sauces and is widely used in processed meats. It is also added sparingly to delicate soups and sauces with fish or seafood. Pickles or chutneys may be seasoned with mace. Nutmeg is a traditional flavouring for cakes, gingerbreads, biscuits and fruit or milk puddings.

In Western cuisine, nutmeg and mace are more popular for cakes, crackers and stewed fruits; nutmeg is sometimes used to flavour cheese. The combination of spinach with nutmeg is somewhat a classic, especially for Italian stuffed noodles. The greatest lovers of nutmeg in today’s Europe, though, are the Dutch. They use it for cabbage, potato and other vegetables, but also for meat, soups, stews and sauces

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