Cardamom is a very popular spice in the whole of India . 

Cardamom is a very popular spice in the whole of India . . Planting is usually done in June- July. The plants prefers shade. Regular weeding, removal of old and dying leafy shoots, mulching, regulating the shade, manuring, application of fertilizer and irrigation are essential for their proper growth. Cardomom grow abundantly in altitudes ranging from 900 to 1370 m above sea level, with a warm humid atmosphere and evenly distributed rainfall. Cardamoms start bearing capsules two years after planting, Flowering commences in April-May and continues till July-August. Capsules just short of full ripeness are harvested in October-November in most of the areas, usually at intervals of 25-30 days. Harvested fruits are dried by hot air drying
It has a strong but very pleasing flavor and is one of the spices used in garam masala. Cardamom is an expensive spice used in curries, masala chai, certain vegetables and various Indian desserts. Cardamom is one of the world’s oldest spices and is native to India , originating in the shady forest slopes of the Western Ghats in Southern India
. Cardamom acts as a mouth-freshener, has well established culinary values, and is used in a wide range of sweets and confectionery. It is an important ingredient of garam masala, a combination spice for many vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes. Tea and coffee made with cardamom are pleasantly aromatic and refreshing. The oil contained in the seeds and pods are used in perfumes and as a stimulant.

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For generations we have been engaged in natural farming of spices in home village situated near the misty mountains of Munnar, in the interior of Western Ghats in India. In 1990, we added vanilla into our farm as a pioneer.